Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dear 2009,

I must say, this letter is very hard to write because as the year comes to an end, I realize that I myself am also another year older, but hopefully a year wiser.  So, yes, I am a little sad but I have to say, you have been good to me. 

The year started off  in a little town called Vegas and boy what a night.  Found ourselves (Kerstin and I) wandering through Planet Hollywood completely lost thinking that we were in Caesars Palace.  Supposedly there were some fireworks, and you can hear them in our video at midnight...but I sure don't remember seeing them. 

Then the year turned a little scary, with a relationship ending, and my cousin, Kerstin, almost creating many heart attacks with her paralysis.  These two moments are some of the hardest times I have ever had to endure.  I think I may have competed with the clouds in April with the amount of tears that were shed. But, guess what?  I made it out alive and kicking and so did Kerstin!

As the months rolled on, things came a little easier.  I fell in love, quickly, with an amazing man, Matthew.  Yet the hardest part is that he lived 2,240 miles or 3613 kilometers away or 5 hours by plane, and none of those make the distance any easier to bare.  Yet, thankfully we stuck it out and made it through the year, although many times I had to ask if it was worth it. In the end, I always came to the same conclusion, definitely!

Work was a struggle with the economy and sales being slow, but we managed to pull it out this year, which was no easy feat.  I became the sales manager for the company and still had to work all the accounts I previously had, while having to play a bigger part in the company.  By the way, I love it!  I really do love my job and the people I work for and even some that I work with.  There isn't many things better than that! 

Places I visited this year: Philippines, Osaka, China, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Laguna Beach (Thank you Matthew), Denver, Miami!

I am disappointed in you this year though, and actually at myself.  I really didn't have any new experiences. Didn't learn to Scuba dive, didn't go on a cruise, didn't go to the Galapegos Islands.  So as you go away, I am glad that 2010 is still right around the corner, because now I can try to redo it all again and make it better and make sure the list is actually checked off. 

So 2009, you have been good to me in many ways.  I won't cry to send you off this time and I look forward to seeing your brother because I am sure he has good things in store.  If not, I may need to add jujutso to the list so I can do some ninja ass kicking!  I hope you have an awesome farewell party, I will be in full attendance!

with love and no regrets,


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  1. I love your writing, my friend.
    It's all heart.