Monday, September 20, 2010

Dear love...

Yes, I know it's so cliche' but I had to write a letter to you. Why is it all my life I look for you in people, in places, in thoughts, only to still have part of you missing?  I thought I found you, and you filled me like I have never been, and I felt whole.  Yet, you remained in me but now I wish you would go away.  Come back when you are certain that this is meant to be.  The games you play, and the lessons I learn, well, I am getting tired of them.  Take a break from this soul, leave me alone for a bit, let me find me, and then maybe you can come back.  I just think you need a vacation, because you seem burned out inside me. 

Love love
Go away
come back
another day
i wish i may
i wish i might
have this wish
i wish tonight

love has flowed into curious veins
embellishing each touch with its pressure
the pain tingling through each touch
straight into this broken heart.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Dear Friday,

You have given me the motivation to begin posting again on my blog.  The day is beautiful outside and the office is empty.  I sit here waiting for the next 30 minutes to pass, so impatiently.  In fact, my eyes keep drooping with anticipation.  So I thought, what better way to pass the remainder of this wonderful work week with a letter to you about my appreciation for you and what Friday entails.

Only on Fridays do I get Starbucks (unless Tuesday insists on it).
Only on Fridays do I get to eat out for lunch instead of some home made throw in the microwave diet meal (even today you let me grab Mochi).
Only on Friday would I ever allow myself to be hungover, because really Friday is probably the most unproductive day of the week anyway. (well...until Sunday in the summer came along)
Only on Friday do I like my job so little that I am ready to leave as soon as the digital clock hits 5pm.
Only on Fridays does my liver start liking me again....until Friday night that is.

You know, if opposites really attract, I think I have the perfect match for you....Monday!  You may hit it off really well.  It would have to be a long distance relationship since you are so far apart in time but maybe long distances work sometimes.  Look at mine.  They aren't easy though and you'll never be able to really be together.

If you ever need some advice from me, Friday, I would be happy to help.  After all, you have done so much for me all these years, that I can only offer something back.  How about I raise a toast to you tonight?  Well, I think I do that every Friday!

Love you forever and always....


Monday, February 1, 2010

Dear Pregnant Barbie,

I believe in showing girls the reality of life, but really, Midge, did you have to get pregnant?  What are you showing young girls out there, and why did you have to show us that you can remove your belly.  Why can't you show us the reality...the baby should come from the real place not a removable belly.  Now a little girl is going to go up to her pregnant mom and want to pull the belly off just to see the baby.  And is it just me or did the breasts actually get smaller with the pregnancy?.  It's already been said that if Barbie was real she wouldn't be able to support herself and now we have added a stomach. Where's the swollen feet, the extra love handles, the real added weight? Oh, and by the way, are you even married?  That's what I thought....and that's what we want to show little girls.  Good luck Midge.

Wishing you all the best,


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dear 5 Pounds,

I am at a loss for words.  It's easy to break up with someone, easy to throw something away, easy to even get lost, but not disappear easily.  What is your malfunction?  I have busted my butt (literally) running, lifting, stepping, dancing, starving, eating cardboard dinner, having Special K at meals, and yet, for some reason you hang on.

You are like the fly that you keep swatting at over and over yet still seems to linger around.  Like the cockroach that I thought I killed and threw in the toilet to see you 1 hour later trying to crawl out.  You are a benign desease that doesn't want to go away.

I am now asking you very politely, can you please dissolve away.  I do not need  you anymore.  The winter is going to be over soon, and I know you thought you could keep me warm, but now I will have to shed more clothes, and I see you peeking out over my pants.  I am warm enough, and my bikini will be all I need to keep me warm throughout the next 6 months.  So kindly, please go on your way.  Find another soul to torture whose skinny body could soak you up and love you for the rest of your existance.  I want you to feel appreciation, and not loathing, it's what you deserve.

But I am telling are not needed around these parts.

With the kindest regards meant,


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dear Kim Casali,

Thank you for creating this cartoon.  As a little girl I have seen this cartoon in 3 different languages and used to cut them out of the newspaper and collect them in scrapbooks.  I especially love the ones in German since that is where I first began loving these little darlings.  The little nudists always made me smile.  Now I found a website that will email me one every day.  It's cheesy, but I send one of these to my boyfriend every week due to the lack of my own creativity.  Thank you for your heartfelt drawings and words, thank you for believing in soulmates, and thank you for never putting clothes on them.  They are kept every aspect.  I mean who wants to see them get old, wrinkled, saggy, or go from wearing bell bottoms to uggs now.  barefoot and naked...that's the way I want to grow old with my soulmate, who tells me every day what love is.
Love always,