Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dear Kim Casali,

Thank you for creating this cartoon.  As a little girl I have seen this cartoon in 3 different languages and used to cut them out of the newspaper and collect them in scrapbooks.  I especially love the ones in German since that is where I first began loving these little darlings.  The little nudists always made me smile.  Now I found a website that will email me one every day.  It's cheesy, but I send one of these to my boyfriend every week due to the lack of my own creativity.  Thank you for your heartfelt drawings and words, thank you for believing in soulmates, and thank you for never putting clothes on them.  They are kept every aspect.  I mean who wants to see them get old, wrinkled, saggy, or go from wearing bell bottoms to uggs now.  barefoot and naked...that's the way I want to grow old with my soulmate, who tells me every day what love is.
Love always,



  1. Lovely post, they are very sweet actually! I didn't even notice they didn't have a clothes on :O

  2. I make your words mine.
    Lovely letter.